Your Transformational Leadership Skills Matter in a Rapidly Changing World

By Paul R. Scheele Ph.D. | Lead

You have a job to do for your organization. Ideally, each contribution you make also adds significantly to the long-term sustainability, resiliency, and profitability of your team and organization.

But has it ever felt like you are trying to walk forward while the ground is shifting beneath you?

The rate of change in the world around us is often outpacing our ability to respond, either individually or collectively. To keep up and get ahead, we must view our efforts from a higher vantage point from time to time. If we “get into the balcony” as Ron Heifitz described it in his book, Leadership Without Easy Answers, our insights can make a massive difference in how we work and the results we produce.

This is the first in a blog series which will review the current discourse on a variety of subjects including adult development, transformation theory, social systems theory, organization development, and leadership development. The literature from these diverse fields converge and point in an exciting new direction for the study of transformational change and has the potential to inform leaders on ways to better guide transformative learning and change within their organizations.

The Big Picture

Humanity is at a precipitous moment in history, careering into the future on an unsustainable trajectory that threatens the longevity of our organizations, societies, and planet. Faced with disruption and turbulence in multiple sectors, leaders of governments, institutions, and organizations need new approaches to facilitate change—to cope, survive, and thrive.

Your Opportunity in Adaptive Change

Understanding how to facilitate transformative learning is crucial to engendering adaptive change, developing broader meaning perspectives, and making life on the planet socially just, sustainable, and fulfilling. Leaders, scholars, and practitioners in various fields are exploring how to facilitate adaptive change within individuals, organizations, and societies.

Join me in examining what is being discovered and you will find ways to make your efforts in your organization contribute in the highest way.

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