Getting to Your Goal

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Getting to Your Goal
A horse taught me two essential lessons about goal achievement.

Horseback riding was an activity I avoided since I was 14 years old. I often joked, “Why would I want be near an animal that can hurt you at both ends and is uncomfortable in the middle?” But at age 67, to confront my limiting belief, I enrolled in an equine event while staying at the Miraval resort in Austin, Texas.

Toward the end of my 2-hour Rhythmic Riding class, Paula, the director of the equine therapy program said, “I’m going to give you an exercise that I would normally reserve for someone I’ve worked with for 5 weeks. But you have such an amazing connection with your horse, I know you can handle it.”

Her statement was especially significant because two days earlier I visited the stables just to assuage my anxiety about being around horses. Paula had met me then.

The shift that took place in me during my riding class amazed her and me.

Two insights emerged relevant to our success in getting to any goal.

#1: Connection

Paula explained, “The only thing a horse wants is connection. They have been preyed upon for 57 million years and have survived by feeling energy in their surroundings. A horse wants to know you are safe to be around.”

Think of your goal as a vehicle to the future. Connect to the goal and ride it to the future you truly desire. You have to go all-in. Confront limiting beliefs and leave no room for doubt or hesitation. Intention, declaration, and action will align your energy and strengthens your connection to the future.

As the German Philosopher Goethe said,

“Only engage and then the mind grows heated. Begin it, and then the work will be completed.”

Are you all-in for your goals this year? Boldly connect to the grander version of yourself who is trying to emerge. Connect to the future that calls you.

#2: Where you look

When I first began riding during the class, I had no idea how to make my horse go around the track. “The horse keeps stopping!” I told Paula.

“Where are you looking?” she asked.

“In front of the horse where it is eating grass.”

“You must look where you want the horse to go. Sit up! Raise your energy! Look where you want the horse to go and give a kick!” Paula modeled the action by bolting upward and hitting her own sides with her elbows.

I did the same, giving the ribs of the horse a quick kick with my heels and she immediately responded. Soon I was dancing through pylons, doing circles, figure 8’s, stepping over obstacles…wherever I wanted to go.

Getting to our goals requires vigilant attention. Hundreds of distractions every hour can easily sidetrack the mind and body. Why work when you can just as easily step aside and graze on more relaxing and entertaining alternatives?

If you ever get off track, pause to ask yourself, “Am I headed in the direction I am going?”

Your energy flows where your attention goes. Sit up, put your “eyes on the prize” that you want to achieve, and give your energy a kick in the direction you choose to go.

Check in with your goals frequently. Consider reading your goals every day for the first few weeks, every week for the next two months, and every month after that.

Guaranteed, you will stay connected to your goal while looking where you want to go.

Enjoy your success this year!

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