6 Initiatives that Transform Individuals and Organizations

By Paul R. Scheele Ph.D. | Transform

Are you called upon to facilitate change, either for individuals or an organization? It can be a challenge, but this blog series is here to offer help.

Research into the inner experience of transformation showed that inclusion, deep reflection, dialogue, and acknowledgment in a supportive community are potent ingredients in a recipe for individual, organizational, and social change. My doctoral dissertation study of the critical incident of transformation revealed many findings that are exceedingly relevant to anyone or any organization interested in adapting effectively to the complex problems facing them today.

Transformative learning and transformational change can be facilitated when leaders work to engage their organizations with the following six initiatives:

  1. Surface disruptive and disorienting dilemmas that are emerging
  2. Create a safe environment for critical reflection
  3. Encourage learners to actively challenge antecedent mental models or habits of expectation by giving them data that challenge current assumptions and provide opportunities for collaborative inquiry
  4. Help learners express new awareness and perspectives through dialogue and deep listening
  5. Illuminate innovative ideas, new ways of thinking, and perspectives that become apparent
  6. Acknowledge bold and courageous plans to act by highlighting commitments to take concrete steps—no matter how small—that contribute to a greater collective response

This blog series will explore each of the six initiatives and provide practical approaches for adapting to the complex problems that emerge amidst the often chaotic and disruptive changes occurring in the workplace.

As a leader, when you take responsibility to facilitate transformative learning in your interactions with the people you serve, you will see benefits rapidly that drive directly to the bottom line.

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