Coherence and Your Success

By Cheryl Valk | Articles

Coherence and Your Success

Support Your Goal Achievement with Self Acknowledgement

Your personal state of coherence supports your ability to succeed. There are 3 factors to enhance your coherence and propel your ability to achieve your goals:

  • Your Essence
  • Your Energy
  • Your Efforts

Your essence is made up of the natural traits of goodness within you. For example, perhaps you are naturally joyous, and the realization of your goal will bring you more joy. Acknowledging this inner joy, can provide motivation and emotional support. Or you could be very committed to helping others and when you realize your goal, more people will benefit. Acknowledging your personal goodness paves the way for you to see how much you deserve to succeed. What are your qualities that best express who you are?

Your energy is determined by the coherence between your mind, heart, and will. To enhance the energy and coherence between these 3, consider your attitude, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and willpower. Do you have a positive attitude toward your goal? What good feelings come up as you think about your goal? Are your thoughts supportive of your goal? What beliefs do you hold that could be helpful in achieving your goal? How strong is your willpower to keep on working towards your goal? What energizes you as you work to realize your goal?

Your efforts include everything you are doing to create the desired outcome or goal. The efforts you make will require you to have or learn relevant skills, take new steps regularly to bring the goal closer, and avoid activities that thwart your success as you set aside time to work on your goal. What efforts can make a significant difference to your results?

When you review your answers to the above questions, you are likely to feel stronger, more empowered, and confident to achieve your goals and dreams. As you acknowledge your essence, energy, and efforts you gain a new advantage to succeed.

Whether you desire financial prosperity, better health, good relationships, or new professional or personal growth, your answers expand your ability to connect with the factors that can support your desired results. Your inquiry process can also help you overcome challenges along the way.

Wishing you a wonderful summer season of success!

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