Coherence Matters to a Successful Business Life

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Coherence Matters to a Successful Business Life

Coherence Matters to a Successful Business Life

Coherence connects and integrates diverse factors that support your ability to succeed. Synergy emerges when there is complementary relationship between the various contributing factors that produce better results than any specific factor alone. Attending to how well the diverse factors connect, integrate, and synergize together matters to your success.

Leverage the power of coherence and success comes with greater ease. You can begin by learning what you need to do and what you would best avoid. Applying this knowledge can be very helpful to overcome two classic barriers to success:

  1. Spending resources (time, energy, and money) on tasks that produce little value.
  2. Engaging in behaviors that prevent synergy and demoralize others.

We all spend some of our resources engaged in activities that offer little or no return on investment. The key is to continually evaluate how you are spending your resources, whether an activity holds sufficient benefit, and how your activities may help or harm your future success. 

At times, you may keep doing some activities that waste your resources, hoping for different results. Some of these activities are “projects without paychecks” or “time wasters that trip you up” as you pursue your desired outcomes. To make a helpful shift, determine clear criteria and a timeline for continuing an activity when it has held little historical value in contributing to your success.

Harmful behaviors that reduce synergy or demoralize others can be subtle or blatant. Both subtle and blatant factors diminish possibilities and thwart progress. No one succeeds alone! All of us need the support of others who can make valuable contributions to our intended outcomes.

To experience better results through coherence, attend to these key contributors to success:

  • Create opportunities to collaborate with others
  • Maintain an attitude of positive expectancy
  • Build on your strengths and the capacities of others
  • Earn the trust of others
  • Be inclusive of everyone

And transform these synergy blockers and demoralizing behaviors in your business relationships:

  • Turn ambiguity in communications into clarity
  • Stop favoritism and foster egalitarianism
  • Refuse to gossip and praise others whenever possible
  • Minimize micromanagement and establish accountability
  • Change criticism into constructive feedback that acknowledges what is and appreciates what works

Attending to even one of these factors can propel your success. Take a few moments today to evaluate what you are doing to succeed and what you could shift to accelerate the results you desire.

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