Make Your Success More Likely with Inner Coherence

By Cheryl Valk | Articles

Make Your Success More Likely with Inner Coherence

Appreciate the Power within Your Mind, Heart, and Will

When you open your mind, your heart, and your will to succeed, you develop greater coherence by the connections between them. If one or more of these remain closed your internal coherence is minimized.

Here are a few benefits of having an open mind, heart, and will while pursuing success:

  • An open mind can free you from your harmful judgments and enhance your sense of worthiness.
  • An open heart can reduce your unmerited cynicism and fuel your passion.
  • An open will can help release your unreasonable fears and feel safe as you face your challenges.

Developing an open state within you allows you to connect with your inner resources and express more of your potential. When your mind, heart, and will are connected, there is an inner strength present that minimizes internal conflict and maximizes outward actions. This coherent state gives you more power to push forward as challenges arise and achieve even your lofty goals, desires, and intentions.

Here are some simple ways to develop greater coherence and be more successful:

Open Your Mind: Recognize you have tremendous personal value and are worthy of the success you desire. Make a list of the benefits the realization of your success will bring to others.

Open Your Heart: Forgive yourself for your mistakes and see each one as an opportunity to learn. Treat yourself with kindness just as a loving person treats their family and friends.

Open Your Will: Stay present and release your worries or fears by realizing that time spent worrying is wasted and fearful states keep you frozen. Take a slow deep breath and hold the thought that you are safe in this moment to take the next step.

Over time these simple practices will help you develop more inner coherence.

Coherent states help sustain states of flow in which you are fully engaged in pursuit of your success and less weary when challenged. Developing inner coherence allows you to be more effective in dealing with the variability in situations as you work on your goals. This expands your awareness of options, increases your capacities to succeed, enhances your skills to sense and respond appropriately in the moment, and avoid an attempt to predict and control a situation that is beyond your power to do so.

Coherence is essential when faced with dilemmas, confusion, doubt, or a lack of clarity as you work on success. Disruptive dilemmas can surprise you with no assurance of an end to the situation or little certainty about what the solution will be. Without a strong inner connection between your mind, heart, and will, you can spin in place with a limited ability to take the next effective step towards a solution.

An internal open state of connecting your mind, your heart, and your will offers you better access to your internal resources that can help you pivot, adapt, and be flexible. Most importantly, this makes your success more likely!

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