Transforming Growth Inhibitors and Goal Blockers

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Transforming Growth Inhibitors and Goal Blockers

Transforming growth inhibitors and goal blockers requires enhancing your coherence or your ability to make important connections. Your brain and mind can work for or against you as you work on your goals and grow. The difference in support depends on your level of coherent thinking. Coherent thinking is logical and fosters the supportive connections necessary for growth and goal achievement.

Everything alive makes connections to grow. Your body grows and thrives as physical mechanisms and chemical interactions connect. Likewise, you thrive when you apply greater coherence in your thinking to support you and your growth.

Humans have learned to protect themselves by scanning the environment for threats. This is a good thing, up to a point. When there is too much focus on potential threats, negativity begins to dominate thoughts, and the ability to perceive and connect with more positive possibilities becomes limited. This experience involves insufficient coherence that often leads to failing to stay on track and feeling stuck on achieving your goals.

Have you ever given up on a goal? This is usually due to insufficient coherence. As insufficient coherence occurs in your thinking, your growth diminishes, and your goals are likely to go off the rails.

If you ever get derailed on your goals or fail to achieve what you desire, apply the three principles of coherent thinking to transform your thinking and stay on track for growth and goal achievement.

Applying the 3 Principles When you Fail to Stay on Track

Principle 1: Acknowledge What Is

Capture what occurred as you attempted to achieve a goal. Perhaps, you made other priorities more important and had too little time or focus to work on your goal. Engage in dialogues with an objective person who can ask you questions to clarify what you did, what you didn’t do, and what happened.

Principle 2: Appreciate What Works

Sort for any small wins you experienced in the attempts to realize your goal. This could be something like keeping your goal in mind on a daily basis or scheduling time in your calendar to work on your goal. Identify what you think would be helpful to do again in the future for other attempts at a goal.

Principle 3: Attend to What Matters

Get into action now and direct your attention towards what matters most. Make plans and chart your course of action. Stop the whining, criticizing, and excuse-making. Get on with your plans to grow, thrive, and achieve goals.

Applying the 3 Principles When You Feel Stuck

Principle 1: Acknowledge What Is

Answer these four questions as related to your goal and feeling stuck with little progress:

  • What is the present negative you wish to change?
  • What is the present positive you want to keep?
  • What is the future negative you hope to avoid?
  • What is the future you desire to experience?

These questions are part of a time-tested practice Dr. Scheele facilitates in the Ultimate You Experience.

Principle 2: Appreciate What Works

Bring your goal to mind and ask yourself where you are at on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 representing very limited progress to 10 being unstuck with the goal realized. Then, ask yourself what worked to get you to your present state even if you rated your present state very low on this scale. Identify one small next step that would allow you to move up on the scale by one number.

Principle 3: Attend to What Matters

Design a game plan to sustain the elements of your positive present state with strategies to limit experiences you hope to avoid. Get clear on why you want to achieve this goal and how it will be of value to you and others.

Applying these principles leads to greater coherence in your thinking. Applying it consistently allows you to transform growth inhibitors and goal blockers. Set yourself up to unleash your growth and realize your goals by applying the three principles of coherent thinking. Every time you do, you enhance how your brain and mind can support you.

Join us this year at the Ultimate You Experience and discover additional ways to enhance your growth and create your future!

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