Your Growth and Performance Matters in the New Year

By Cheryl Valk | Articles

Your Growth and Performance Matters in the New Year

A desire to bake a cake and eat it can be a metaphor for your desire to grow and enjoy the rewards of growth. Here is the good news…you can bake your cake and eat it too! Likewise, you can grow and enjoy the rewards of growth.

To bake a cake and eat it, you need a recipe and to follow the directions.

This article will give you a recipe with the directions to grow, so you can enjoy the rewards of the growth in 2023.

3 Principles of Performance

The recipe for growth involves three performance principles that apply to any goal regardless, if it involves your success, health, relationships, or spiritual growth. The three principles promote greater coherence, helping you connect what is necessary to excel in any aspect of your life and leading to higher achievements in growth.

Here are the three principles or the recipe that you need to follow with the directions:

1. Acknowledge What Is Your Growth Goal

Directions: Use this format to acknowledge your growth goal:

My growth goal is to ________, so that I enjoy ________ (benefit/reward).

Explore why you want to grow. This provides the motivation to grow.

Evaluate how you could pursue your desired growth. Make notes of possibilities and potential plans.

2. Appreciate What Works to Foster Your Growth Goal

Directions: Consider what is helpful and valuable to achieve growth. What adds value to make progress with your growth goal?

Elect the steps you are willing and want to take. Decide what works for you.

Express the actions you need to complete. When will you take each next step?

3. Attend to What Matters to Realize Your Growth Goal

Directions: What led to how your growth looks, sounds, and feels when your goal has been realized?

Experience your growth “as if” it is already in the present. What was important for you to do?

Expand for future growth. What will be possible when your current growth goal is realized?


When you follow this recipe and the directions, your growth goals can be a piece of cake! And you can enjoy the sweet benefits of growth into your future!

In fact, this New Year can be one of your best years for professional and personal growth yet.

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