Your Well-Being Can Spring Forward with Greater Coherence

By Cheryl Valk | Articles

Vibrant well-being is a highly coveted human experience. The basic elements to execute each day are well known…eat right, exercise regularly, and establish rituals that support good health.

Typically, what hinders some people from improving and maintaining optimal well-being is an urge to splurge or a failure to follow through with action. These hindrances can occur when we feel fantastic or need to heal.

For our health, coherence involves connecting our intentions with our practices. Our mind, emotions, and body need to form connections that keep our mind, heart, and will aligned.

Cultivating your personal coherence can help you stay on path of healthy practices and move towards higher levels of robust vitality. This requires staying conscious of your intentions to experience greater well-being, using positive emotional states to feel in good about your healthy choices, and committing to the behaviors that lead you to more vitality. 

There are specific skills, attributes, and values that contribute to a higher state of coherence and help you avoid the urges to splurge or failures to follow through with action. Developing a higher state of coherence establishes well-being in your mind, emotions, and body. This forms a sense of wholeness from which you can operate with enhanced capacities, resilience, and creativity even when challenged by events or others.

Being mindful of your intentions helps your mind form a stronger connection with your heart and will. Expressing joy about your daily health practices keeps you energized. Staying committed to excellence supports you to stay on the path of action towards a greater well-being.

When you want to experience a greater sense of well-being remember this:

Mindful Intentions Coupled with Joyful Practice and a Commitment to Excel Yields Experiences of Greater Well-Being

As you engage joyfully in daily health practices with a commitment to excel, your choices to act are guided by your intentions to experience well-being.

If you lose sight of your well-being intentions, feel dread about executing your health practices, or decommit from taking vitality enhancing steps, the experience of greater well-being becomes elusive.

As you move through each day, you have choices. When these choices affect your well-being, take a moment to think about the short- and long-term benefits of your health intentions, feel the joy as if you have completed the relevant healthy practice, and take one small step with excellence in that very moment. In mere seconds, this can lead you to make a choice that enhances your well-being.

 Joyfully, spring forward in your well-being by cultivating the coherence between your mind, heart, and body.
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